About CentralTrumpet
CentralTrumpet is a social network platform based on African and biblical values. With our unique features, users can create posts, upload photos, text chats, send messages, sell own products, advertise their products, boost posts, create groups, write articles, create events and more.

We are an African alternative to the current social media and with us your content is respected and your personal information is not for sale.

This is an internet community where all users can control their data and exercise their freedom of speech as long as it does not violate the law or harm others.

CentralTrumpet is on a mission to build an internet community which puts people first. We believe privacy and freedom of speech are fundamental human rights. CentralTrumpet is the home of biblical and global conservative voices.

The CentralTrumpet Platform is owned by Rapid Capabilities Intl (Pty) Ltd (Company registration number 2015/449573/07) based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rapid Capabilities International is a strategic interventions company offering diversified services. Our operating strategy is to partner with subject matter experts in order to offer high speed solutions to challenges and innovation.

Rapid Capabilities International is a technology company which provides skilled people, unique ideas and enabling products.

We are a team of professional advisors, recruiters, consultants, developers, engineers customizing in the 4IR key technologies, software solutions and enabling products.

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To Contact Us

To contact us, use the contact form which is available on the platform and we will revert to you accordingly.